"Excellent session and I really enjoyed my learning about video from the Trainer"
- DHL Australia -
"The Trainer had a great energy and a deep knowledge of the topic. The workshop was engaging and very informative"
- DHL Singapore -
“ The workshop was well organised”
- McDonalds -
“ I really enjoyed the workshop. It was very informative and the trainer has introduced so many useful tools that I’ll definitely use to create content. It workshop was so interactive although it was virtual”
- HSBC -
“ The workshop was lively as I liked the trainer’s way of presenting which was interactive and engaging although it was virtual”
- Pfizer -
"The slides were amazing, one of the best presentation slides I’ve ever seen"
- Curtin University -
“The Trainer was equipped with the right knowledge and inclusive of all levels. The workshop was incredible”
- Baiduri Bank Brunei -
“The workshop was well organised and it was well conducted as well. The trainer was very knowledgeable and superb in answering questions”
- ISB Brunei -
“ The workshop was very engaging, interactive, and extremely informative”
- MDEC -
“The trainer was great and she gave helpful tips and advice that would be beneficial in planning my strategies”
- Bank Islam -
“ I appreciate the fact that the trainer shared a lot of real-life examples and even relate them to her own past experience, which can actually come in handy”
- LNS International -
“The workshop was engaging and the trainer provided tips that are very useful”
- Khazanah -
“ The trainer was super good and I enjoyed the workshop”
- Public Bank -
“ The trainer is an expert in social marketing and her presentation style was so smooth making the class interesting”
- AICB -
“ The workshop was fun and interactive”
- Taylors University -
“The trainer was well versed with social media and really good sharing. The workshop went smoothly although it was virtual”
- UMobile -
“The trainer a very engaging and interesting instructor! Loved her humour, definitely helped kept us focused. Very happy to have gotten an approachable, easy-going and friendly trainer!”
- Cahya Mata Sarawak Berhad -
“Trainer was excellent. Engaging, insightful, informative and very helpful. I feel prepared and equipped to prepare better content for my brand's social media platforms”
- Etiqa Insurance & Takaful -
“The trainer was very attentive to our questions and she provided good examples”
- Fonterra -
“The workshop was well organised and interesting”
- MISC Berhad -
“The trainer provided tips and shared knowledge that would be very useful for me”
“ The trainer provided a lot of practical approach instead of focusing on theories”
- ISM Net -
“The trainer was a good teacher. The presentation was clear and easy to understand which will be really useful for us to move forward in our BCM planning”
- MBI Selangor -