meet the speakers

Jordan Lomax

After many years working in marketing – agency side, client side and contracting – one thing became really clear to Jordan: The incredible lack of transparency in the work being done. People had no idea what their money was being spent on, what the results even meant, or what success actually looked like.
Her love for empowering people with information started when she began teaching – helping them understand the backend of Google Ads, think differently, giving people confidence in their abilities, or just simply understanding what a report meant, and how to read the insane amounts of data digital marketing provides us. It’s also why she started the Social Lab – because it gave her a way to continue to help others, while running digital campaigns for clients big and small.

Evan Englezos

With over 20 years of experience in web development and solutions, Evan has established himself as a digital transformation coach, working with more than 500 organizations worldwide since 2018. His strategy and training have benefited teams, organizations, clients, and communities alike, resulting in motivated, united, and successful teams, increased staff and customer engagement, improved workflow effectiveness and efficiency, shared knowledge and continual improvement, future-proofing for longevity, adaptability, and sustainability, and saving thousands of hours and associated costs.
Evan is also the founder of Year Glance, a premium year planning tool that seamlessly integrates with Google and Microsoft calendars. Based in Melbourne, Australia, he enjoys spending time with his family and playing music with friends.

Rinske Geerlings

Ms Rinske Geerlings is an internationally recognized consultant, speaker, and certified trainer with over 20 years of experience in Business Continuity, Information Security, and Risk Management. As the Founder, MD, and Principal Consultant & Trainer at Business As Usual, she has applied a fresh, practical, and innovative approach to topics that are often perceived as dull and cumbersome.
Ms. Rinske has also worked with prestigious clients, including 15 Central Banks, BBC, Shell, Lenovo, Boeing, Fuji Xerox, Departments of Defence, Immigration, Health, Industry, Education, Foreign Affairs, and 100s of other mid-size and large organizations worldwide. She has trained thousands of professionals and presented in front of over 20,000 conference delegates across industries and geographic locations.
Her extensive hands-on experience includes permanent roles in banking, and she played an active role in the development of the current Australian regulatory standard for BCP. Her expertise has earned her major awards such as the Risk Consultant of the Year 2017 by the Risk Management Institute of Australasia, Outstanding Security Consultant of the Year 2019 Finalist, Australian Women in Security Finalist (Converged Resilience expert 2022), Delft University Alumnus of the Year 2013, and Australian Business Woman of the Year 2010-13 (BPW – international NGO).

Ross Swan

Ross Swan is the CEO of Soul-Inspired-Leadership Pte Ltd and a highly experienced leadership consultant, coach, and trainer with a global reach. He has worked in various industries, including financial services, construction, energy, logistics, distribution, retail, engineering, hospitality, airlines, and manufacturing, and is highly regarded for his ability to capture and integrate employees’ engagement with the corporate vision.
Ross is known for his proactive methods and his expertise in improving leadership, with a focus on organizational alignment and strategic planning, employee engagement, and leadership coaching and development. He is also a dynamic speaker, working internationally across a diverse range of cultural backgrounds and industries.